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As a licensed real estate agent, you can leverage many unique opportunities when it comes to working with investors like us who are flipping houses in San Diego.

Some agents view working with investors as a waste of time – however, we know you have a business to run and can’t afford to waste your time with investors who aren’t serious. At House Market Solutions, we pride ourselves on having a systemized buying process; which eliminates the need to waste your time on tedious tasks. You can rest assure that we are serious buyers who can close very quickly.

There are many properties in the marketplace needing renovations – anything from cosmetic repairs to full-gut rehabs. Often, you as the agent are the first contact for sellers behind on payments, who need to sell quickly, or don’t have equity in their home. These are exactly the types of opportunities for which we’re looking.

flipping houses in san diego
flipping houses in san diego

If you or someone in your office have these types of listings, we may be able to quickly purchase the homes in just a week or two.  After a few successful transactions, you can utilize that success to gain more exposure in your market and build your credibility as a distressed property specialist – ultimately, increasing your income opportunity.

Flipping houses in San Diego isn't something we can do all by ourselves, so let's work together.

We are looking to build long-term relationships with Realtors in San Diego and want you to get paid.  As investors, we prefer to work directly with the listing agent, so if that’s you, you’ll be representing us as well on the purchase – plus you’ll have the opportunity to list it again once the renovation is complete!

We believe that good investors are those who place high value on the knowledge and expertise of good agents. In turn, we hope to share our knowledge with you and help to provide you with a lucrative and consistent stream of income. So if you can shift your thinking and learn how to leverage working together with investors, you’ll realize there are many potential benefits – creating win-win situations for everyone.

To learn more detail about how we can help you to save time and earn more commissions, download our Real Estate Agent Partnership Guide today.

Common Questions

No, not at all! We already know what we’re looking for, and our criteria typically stay the same. With a licensed Realtor on our team already, you won’t even have to open the door!  We wouldn’t ask you to spend your time on wild goose chases.

Yes! You can automate most of the process so you’re not wasting your time on working on tedious tasks. By working with an investor, you create a very lucrative source of income as well.

We work with a large network of professional rehab lenders who confirm funding on our accepted offers typically with 48 hours. Some of our offers do get rejected; but, unlike traditional clients who may buy or sell a home once every five years, we make multiple transactions annually.

We purchase homes in pre-foreclosure, over-leveraged, condemned, liens or health department violations, not maintained, fire damaged, estate sales, stagnant listings, even about to fall down homes – If you can list it we can buy it!

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