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The Day We Decided Not To Move, And Why We Did Anyway

House Market Solutions Home Selling The Day We Decided Not To Move, And Why We Did Anyway


We had lived in our 1880’s farmhouse for seven years when we decided to move. Our son had just turned three, and we wanted to move before he started preschool. We lived in the country, surrounded by cornfields, and most of our family lived in the city. We wanted to be closer to them, and we were tired of the constant upkeep that an older home requires.

We found a Realtor and listed the house. We listed for three months, and, being an older home out in the middle of nowhere, it didn’t sell. Since it was almost winter, we decided to pull the house off the market and re-list in the spring. Over the winter, we decorated the house for the holidays. We built snowmen with the mounds of snow drifts that are inevitable when you live out in the open fields. We stayed warm and cozy by the fire in our wood burning stove. We fell in love with our home again.

Spring came, and we had to make a decision about whether or not we were going to list the house again. Yes, some of the pipes leaked. Yes, the windows were drafty. Yes, it took an hour to drive to the grocery store. But that home had a charm about it. The architectural detail was phenomenal. The basement was built out of cobblestone. It was a great house. So, we decided to stay.

Then, a month later, a received a letter from our Realtor saying that the market was hot, and if we wanted to sell, now was the time. She had a client who was interested in our home and willing to pay well-above the assessed value. It was an offer that we just couldn’t pass up.

Even though we had fallen in love with our house again over that long, cold winter, the benefits of moving closer to family and being in a better school district outweighed that love. The house is now loved and cared for by a wonderful new family, and that 1880’s farmhouse is loving them back.

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