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Real Estate 101: Learn The Basics

House Market Solutions Real Estate 101: Learn The Basics

Real Estate 101

Real Estate 101 is a series of our blog posts dedicated to informing and educating about the fundamentals of the property buying and selling process.

Unfortunately, so many first-time homebuyers begin the exciting endeavor of home ownership without the most basic understanding of what will be involved.  In fact, a recent survey from FreeAndClear.com shows that only 20% of Americans understand that they can obtain a mortgage with less than 5% down payment!  Furthermore, more than 80% of respondents reported learning absolutely nothing about the process of purchasing a home through formal education.

Considering that a home purchase is the most expensive investment that many people will ever make, it is shocking to know that so few people understand the terminology, timeline, and costs associated with the transaction process.  It is our goal with Real Estate 101 to inform and educate those with a desire to learn more about the operations of a standard residential real estate transaction.

Everyone begins his or her educational journey from a state of ignorance.  Understanding that the word “ignorance” can have a negative connotation, it is important to realize that it merely means you are unaware of a concept, or rather, that concept has been “ignored.”

With Real Estate 101, it is our mission to bring you from a state of ignorance to one of awareness.  When you become aware of a concept, you can continue your journey of learning more about a subject by asking relevant questions.  These articles will not make you proficient or competent on the topics covered, though seasoned industry professionals may discover something new as well.

Content will be continually added here as appropriate.  If you would like to learn more about a topic or have a suggestion for a new addition, please Contact Us, and we will get right back to you.

Real Estate 101

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