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5 Tips on How to Take Care of Artificial Grass

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How to Take Care of Artificial Grass

Many people from different parts of the world are using artificial grass in their homes. The main reason to use artificial grass is that it looks incredible and it is easy to maintain compared to natural grass. The grass is easy to install, and it will serve for a long time if taken care of in the right way.  After investing in your new turf, it will be critical to know how to take care of artificial grass.

The following are essential tips on how to take care of artificial grass.

Remove debris and leaves

It is essential to keep the artificial grass clean at all times. You need to remove all the leaves as well as debris on its surface to keep the grass clean and attractive. You remove the leaves using a leaf blower so that you do not disturb the grass. You can also use a plastic rake or a stiff brush, and you will get good results. To keep the grass always free of leaves and debris, you can trim the hedges and hanging trees more often, thus ensuring that fewer leaves fall on the artificial grass.

Brush regularly

Artificial grass looks fantastic when it is new. You can maintain its look by ensuring that it is brushed regularly. The essence of brushing is to make sure that the fibers are upright. There are many brushes that you can use for grooming, and there is no doubt that the artificial grass will remain attractive for a longer time.

In the case of bulky items placed on the artificial turf, brushing is essential immediately after you have moved the things to a new location. Doing so helps the grass to regain its beauty.

Weed control

Weeds will grow on the artificial grass. They are easy to remove by picking, brushing, as well as using a rake. Weeds mostly grow on synthetic lawns that have debris and dirt. It is advisable to ensure that the grass is clean at all times. On top of that, you can use weed killers to control the weeds. You can get the most appropriate herbicides that will not have a negative impact on your artificial grass. You can spray weed killers twice annually.

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Stubborn stain removal

Artificial grass is prone to stubborn stains. Many things can stain the grass ranging from pet urines and feces to oil spills. For that reason, when deciding how to take care of artificial grass, it is advisable to remove the stains with eco-friendly stain removers. After removing the source of the stain, you will want to clean the affected area as quickly as possible to make sure that the staining does not become permanent.

Be careful around flammable items

Fire and hot items such as ashes will damage synthetic turf. It is therefore advisable to prevent hot substances such as cigarettes and BBQ ashes from getting into contact with your artificial grass. The fire or hot items will cause the grass to melt. Though it is possible to repair the damage, a “like-new” restoration is highly unlikely.

The Bottom Line

From the above tips on how to take care of artificial grass, there is no doubt it will look new for a longer time. The guidelines are clear and easy to practice. Therefore, use the above strategies to maintain your synthetic lawn, and you will enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

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