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Giving Back to San Diego on Giving Tuesday

House Market Solutions California San Diego Giving Back to San Diego on Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday

Ever since the first days of House Market Solutions LLC, we have been committed to making San Diego a better place to live. We are proud to work with a host of clients who proudly take homes needing a little renovation and turn them into homes where people enjoy starting their independent life, raising families, or their golden years. We are passionate about helping sellers turn their homes into cash that they can use to buy a better house or for other purposes. We also love getting to work with many lenders in the area to make people’s dreams become a reality. On this Giving Tuesday, we are also grateful that we can give back even more to San Diego, our chosen hometown. This year we are blessed to be able to support the work of Father Joe’s Villages and the USO San Diego.

Partnering with Father Joe’s Villages

Father Joe’s Villages is the most significant provider of homeless services in San Diego. The great news is that our gift will join with the contributions of many others to be matched on Giving Tuesday to end homelessness in our beautiful city where everyone should have a place to call their own. This organization operates a 350-bed facility for single adults along with a 138-bed facility for parents and their children. Additionally, they serve the Village Family Health Clinic where more than 2,800 people receive services annually. They also operate a therapeutic day care program where parents can leave their children while they get medical care, look for work and other activities. Families can also visit the center to participate in wholesome family fun like storytimes.

Our Gift to USO San Diego

We have also been able to bless USO San Diego as we feel like they do so many worthwhile things. They help meet the needs of families who have had their soldiers not come home from conflicts, help feed soldiers in San Diego, and help sponsor the program allowing service people deployed around the world to read a book to their children. They also host special shopping days at their community store for military families and make sure that each child gets a present from their service member.

Blessings for our company have been abundant since we opened House Market Solutions in 2015. We are glad to be able to help strengthen our community on this Giving Tuesday.

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