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5 Tips to Spruce up Your House While on a Budget

House Market Solutions Home Improvement 5 Tips to Spruce up Your House While on a Budget

spruce up your house while on a budget

Finding creative and budget-friendly ways to renovate a home doesn’t have to be a time-consuming task. There’s always a way to improve your overall décor without breaking the bank. Going the DIY route can be a rewarding experience because you’re personalizing your space by making small changes that ultimately make a significant impact.

Here are five easy tips that will spruce up your house while on a budget.

1. Start with Small Cosmetic Changes

There are plenty of affordable fixes that allow you to make substantial improvements in your home without splurging away your hard earned money. Start with the most obvious route: repainting your room with a fresh coat of paint. For a low-cost approach and less laborious option, you can choose peel and stick wallpapers that don’t feature ornate designs.

There are plenty of flooring options that combine both functionality and aesthetics without squeezing your budget. Try cheaper solutions, such as concrete floor paint, which are durable. Many popular types of paint are tough, sleek, and oil resistant.

2. Adding Value to the Kitchen and Bathroom

Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms because these spaces will increase your home’s resale value. There are plenty of changes and small tweaks you can make, even if you’re not in the mood to invest too much money. Try swapping out old handles on cabinets, replacing taps, and adding an entirely new backdrop. Adding storage shelves is a great way to personalize your space.

An effective strategy to spruce up your house while on a budget is to overhaul ugly laminated cupboards with fresh laminate paint by painting right over them. Try looking for fittings and fixtures that look high end, but don’t cost an arm or a leg. Always go for locally sourced materials rather than importing them from designer brands.

smart home options
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

3. Add Smart Features to Spruce up Your House While on a Budget

Recent advances in IoT (Internet-Of-Things) devices have made it affordable and accessible for homeowners to invest in smart home features. Smart lighting systems now cost less than $60. The best part is that smart home features are still a novelty, so having a room that lights up as you walk inside will definitely make an impact.

4. Explore Online Stores for Budget Items

Online stores such as Amazon and Kmart have made costly fixtures and fittings available at a bargain. A neat trick is to look for items that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, even if they are second hand. In most cases, these goods are in perfect working condition, retain their aesthetics, and help you save hundreds of dollars.

5. Being a Savvy DIY-er

While it is not recommended to go the DIY route 100 percent of the time, it certainly helps to personally take on more straightforward projects such as weeding, planting trees, painting fences, and tiling jobs.   Better yet, ask friends and family to help you out with some of the work, this saves time, money, and gives you good memories.  When money is tight, it pays to leverage every available option when you want to spruce up your house while on a budget.

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