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5 Awesome Tips for Selling Your House

House Market Solutions Home Selling 5 Awesome Tips for Selling Your House

Selling Your House

All homeowners want to sell their house at the fastest speed possible and the highest price. However, many people are overwhelmed by the painstakingly long process that ends up costing them both time and money. The good news is that there are ways to simplify the selling process. We’ve rounded up five strategies to help you sell your home faster. Industry insiders collect these tips which should help you reduce the time it takes between the listing going live and selling your house.

1. Find a Reputable Real Estate Agent

While the DIY era brought about by the internet has inspired us to do many things on our own, it is simply not advisable to do the same with your home. Real estate properties involve far too much capital to be handled by inexperienced people.  By taking the DIY route, you may either end up underselling the house and not getting the full market value of your property or won’t make it past the paperwork stage.

Hiring a licensed real estate agent is one of the best ways to sell your property at an appropriate price tag. These agents will use their vast resources and experience to help you make a sale and speed up a process that may have come down to a crawl.  Finding a fantastic real estate agent can be a challenge for many people.  Here is the most important characteristic to look for in your agent.

2. Setting Realistic Listing Prices

It always helps to be realistic when setting a price. Most buyers on the market usually have a rough idea of the property’s actual value, and the chances are that an exceedingly high price will turn them away. If you’re unsure what selling price to set, an excellent place to start would be a local real estate directory and scouring through listings that are similar to your property.

Comparing similar properties, known as “Comping” in the industry, will give you a rough idea of market trends and help you decide the perfect price.  For professional help with selling your house, reach out to a local Realtor for a “CMA” also known as a Comparative Market Analysis.  Many home shoppers search by way of a filter with a top dollar price as well as other factors such as beds/baths.  If you set the price too high, perhaps feeling like you’ll need room to come down, your listing may never even show up to the buyer if pricing is above the threshold of the filter.

3. Add Photos and Videos to The Listing

The way to get the most offers on any house is to list it online, but you need to follow certain best practices to increase the chances of selling your house fast. The listing should be well-optimized to pop up across various search engines whenever someone searches for a house. Creating a catchy listing requires detailed descriptions, contact information, and most importantly, high-quality photographs. Photos add a touch of authenticity to the home and give viewers a bird’s eye view of your property. It helps buyers decide quickly if your listing is worthy of more serious consideration. Amateur pictures (with your cell phone) won’t cut it if you want to stand out from the crowd. Try hiring a professional photographer if you’re unsure how to snap quality photos.

4. Make Minor Cosmetic Changes

You don’t have to make significant changes to your property. Just a small makeover should cut it in most cases. This means that if there are any easily fixable issues such as broken light fixtures or chipped paint on cupboards, you need to address them first.

5. Clean and Declutter Before Selling Your House

Clutter can ruin your open house event. In fact, one of the easiest ways to make your home look bigger is to make sure there is more open space. If there are any books, toys, clothes, and other ‘stuff’ getting in the way, they will inevitably distract the homeowner from your property. The idea is to make your home appealing to the senses.

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